Becker Animal Hospital | Ferrets, Rabbits & Guinea Pigs
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Ferrets, Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

  • Ferrets are wonderful pets, but they do require a yearly Ferret Distemper Vaccine as ferrets are very susceptible to Canine Distemper Virus. If an un-vaccinated ferret contracts canine distemper virus, it is often fatal. We recommend two to three vaccines when the ferrets are young and once a year through most of their adult life. Even ferrets kept just inside should be vaccinated as the distemper virus can be brought into the house on the owners shoes and the ferret at sometime may need to go to the vet’s office if it is ill and could be exposed there.
  • Rabies vaccine is available for ferrets and can be given.
  • Ferrets are susceptible to contracting the human influenza virus. So if you have the flu, you should stay away from your ferret, as your ferret could actually get it.
  • Ferrets are usually easy to keep and do well with vaccinations and a high quality ferret food.
  • Female ferrets should always be spayed for it they are not bred they will continually stay in heat and the high level of estrogen in their body can result in the suppression of red blood cell production and this could eventually be fatal. Most female ferrets have been spayed by the time you get them as pets.
  • Ferrets can be treated with antibiotics, vitamins and fluids if they are sick but there are some limitations of ferret treatment due to their small size.

  • Rabbits are wonderful pets and do not require any vaccinations. Rabbits are susceptible to ear mites of the ears and malocclusion of the top and bottom teeth with the result of overgrown front teeth.
  • Earmites, once treated, usually do not re-occur, but overgrown teeth may have to be trimmed throughout the life of your rabbit.
  • Rabbits enjoy most types of fruits and vegetables, grass hay and of course a good commercial rabbit pellet food.
  • Rabbits can be treated much the same as ferrets with vitamins, antibiotics and fluids and they can be spayed and neutered.
  • Guinea pigs are wonderful pets, have a lot of personality and primarily need an external source of vitamin C. Guinea pigs do not make their own vitamin C so it must be supplemented in the diet on a daily basis.
  • Guinea pigs enjoy most fruits and vegetables, grass hay and a good commercial guinea pig food.
  • Guinea pigs can be treated much like rabbits and ferrets, with antibiotics, vitamins and fluids if they are sick.