Becker Animal Hospital | Bird Wellness
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Bird Wellness

  • Small birds like parakeets, cockatiels and small parrots often need wellness care in the area of beak trimming, nail trimming and wing feather clipping if you would like to limit your birds ability to fly.
  • Remember to always feed a high quality food specific to the breed of your bird and you can even review online what types of natural foods are appropriate for your breed.
  • For the most part birds should be kept free of drafts and not exposed to extremes of hot and cold temperatures.
  • Be careful of putting your bird cage under the air conditioning vent as this may get too cold.
  • A common injury of birds is flying into a moving ceiling fan or escaping outside and being injured or lost.
  • If your bird is sick or injured we recommend warming up the cage with a heat lamp or heating pad as sick or injured birds must be kept very warm, usually above 80 degrees F.
  • Sick and injured birds can be treated with antibiotics and other medications but we are limited in what we can do compared to a dog or cat.

Please call us right away if you need any help with your bird.