Becker Animal Hospital | Pet Food Supplies
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Pet Food Supplies

Becker Animal Hospital & Pet Resort has a large dedicated Pet Food Room offering three of the highest quality prescription food brands available for pets and a variety of treats:

  1. Hills Science Diet Food.
    Click Here to Visit Hills Science Diet Website
  2. Purina Prescription Diet and Pro Plan Food.
    Click Here to Visit Purina Website
  3. Royal Canin Prescription Food and Novel Protein Allergy Diets.
    Click Here to Visit Royal Canin Website

We also stock over-the-counter maintenance foods, foods for all-allergy diets, and a number of tasty, clinically accepted standard treats in addition to vegetarian treats and rawhide dental chews for your pet’s dental health.

Our prescription diets treat a number of medical conditions that can occur in pets. These diets are available for anyone to purchase, covering the following conditions and more:

  • heart and kidney disease
  • bladder infections and bladder stone diets
  • weight loss and debilitated body condition diet
  • obesity and problems of excessive weight diets
  • intestinal and stomach problems diet
  • dermatological and skin allergy condition diet
  • geriatric diet
  • joint and arthritis diet
  • liver disease diet
  • metabolic diet for cancer
  • diabetes diet
  • urological diets for extreme kidney disease