Becker Animal Hospital | Pet Health Insurance
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Pet Health Insurance


Becker Animal Hospital & Pet Resort is pleased to be able to accept insurance coverage from many affordable, comprehensive pet health insurance providers. It has never been easier than now to protect your pet from injury or illness!

What is pet health insurance, and how can it help me and my pet?

Pet health insurance is very similar to your standard health insurance – it is an option to help you afford high-quality medical and health care for your pet. From emergency vet care to surgeries, pet health insurance can provide a helpful hand so you can avoid taking on the full cost of your visit.

What can pet health insurance cover?

While it varies from provider to provider and your plan, pet health insurance typically covers a wide variety of procedures from examinations to medications. A list of several examples is listed below, but you can call your pet health insurance provider, or our office if you have any questions:

Some myths about pet insurance:

  1. My pet is young and won’t need health assistance
    This is simply not true. Younger pets typically don’t have a fully developed immune system, making them very susceptible to illness. They are also more likely to injure themselves playing than older pets, due to their high energy nature.
  2. Filing claims can be a pain, and I’m worried I won’t be reimbursed.
    Most pet insurance providers will work with you to get claims filed quickly and efficiently, so that you can get your reimbursement without any hassle. If you have any questions about the process, please contact your provider.
  3. It is just easier to pay for procedures and care as I go.
    Depending on the procedure needed, it may end up costing you more than you have budgeted for. While we work hard to provide affordable pet healthcare, rising costs of medicines and treatments throughout the industry have made costs vary from time to time. We suggest pet insurance as a way to supplement your savings and make sure that your pet can get the healthcare he/she needs, when they need it.