Becker Animal Hospital | Dog Boarding Kennels
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Dog Boarding Kennels

Becker Pet Resort Kennel

An owner may board multiple dogs in the same kennel, with the first pet being full price and each additional pet in the same kennel costing just half the initial price.

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Every indoor kennel boarder gets outdoor time twice a day in our outdoor exercise pen, and receives food and water changes twice per day.  Dogs with indoor-outdoor kennels get the opportunity to access the outdoor portion of their kennel for multiple hours twice a day.

The Outdoor Portion of Indoor/Outdoor Style Kennel 


Staff playtime with your pet, Doggie Day Care, and Doggie Pool swims are all available for your pet while boarding.

Exercise Area

We have large 6 foot by 10 foot exercise enclosures for dogs, so your dog can exercise individually. We make sure that your dog has his own space and is in not in physical contact with other dogs. We have found that allowing the dogs to exercise in the same area as other dogsis helpful, but each dog is kept in its own separate enclosures. This gives the dog fresh air and sunshine without and risk in a safe and controlled environment.

Behind our exercise area there is an 8-foot concrete wall, and all other areas have multiple fences, so that your dog  is completely secure from outside contact, and is secured  from leaving the area.