Becker Animal Hospital | Dog Boarding Suites
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Dog Boarding Suites

While you’re on vacation – they’re on vacation!


Our suites range in size from 48 to 64 square feet.  All suites feature a bed and blanket for each dog.
  This roomy suite is one of the eight with a Doggie view to the outside!

Doggy Suites

These three roomy suites feature a window view to our Doggie Day Care yard and pool.

Dog Boarding Suites Hallway

Each of our  three suite rooms features skylights,  ceiling fans and glass-partitioned suites. Your pet is safe in his
own suite, but has the company of other dogs that he can see and communicate with.

Our Dog Boarding Window Suites are spacious luxury suites.

Pay only the nights you use: When you board with us, you pay only by the night. This means you can drop you pet off in the morning of one day and pick up in the evening of the following day and you are only charged for one night! Get two days and pay for only one night – best for you! We even prorate our nightly charge if you pick up after 10 pm, but before 6am. You pay only for the time you use.

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Our Luxury Dog Boarding Suites feature:

  • Internet Pet-Cam: You can visit your pet online at any time through our internet accessible pet-cam system for real-time viewing of how your pet is doing through a dedicated ceiling camera for every suite.
  • Walked Three Times A Day: You pet is taken outside three times a day to our spacious exercise enclosures.
  • Top Quality Food: We only feed our guests Hill’s Science Diet Food to ensure that your dog gets the best possible nutrition for their stay.   
  • Windows: These suites provide a pet-level  window view to the outdoor landscaping and surrounding area, so they can view the outside passing people and pets.
  • Glassed Enclosures: These suites have a comfortable bed and glassed enclosure so that the pet does not suffer from separation anxiety. The glassed front and partially glassed walls on both sides provide the pet with an open view so that they can interact safely with other pets on either side of them or across the hall. Your pet is not alone. He has the companionship and interaction of the pets around him.
  • Privacy: Because the suite also has half solid walls and a solid back, when your pet wants privacy he can retire to a more private bed area in the back of the suite.
  • All Tile: The suites are porcelain tile with epoxy grout so that they are completely sealed for maximum hygiene. The tile is also used for the first 6 feet of the walls, so that these can be completely cleaned and your pet has a great looking environment.
  • Skylights: All suites have soothing natural sunlight from the skylights that run the length of the 60 foot hallways providing all 53 suites with a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Individual Air Conditioning: Each suite has its own return air and outflow vents. In addition each suite hallway has multiple exhaust fans providing an aggressive air exchange rate which means your pet breaths nice fresh air all the time.
  • Breeze: There are multiple hallway ceiling fans to provide to a gentle breeze to augment your pets individually air-conditioned room.
  • Sconce Wall Lighting: Each of our suites has its own sconce light for that pet that needs a gentle night light.

Outside Exercise Area

We have large 6 foot by 10 foot exercising enclosures for dogs, so that your dog can exercise individually. We make sure that your dog has his own space and is in not in physical contact with other dogs. We have found that allowing the dogs to exercise in the same area where other dogs are is helpful, but the dogs are each kept in their own separate enclosures. This gives the dog fresh air and outdoor exercise without risk in a safe and controlled environment.

Behind our exercise area there is an 8-foot concrete wall, and all other areas have multiple fences, so that your dog  is completely secure from outside contact, and is secured  from leaving the area.

When you board your pet in a suite, your pet will visit this area three times a day.