Becker Animal Hospital | Kitty Condos
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Kitty Condos

We have a dedicated Kitty Room, away from all dogs, that features a 300 gallon salt water fish tank and spacious Snyder Cat Condos, many of which offer a window view to the outside. These condos feature separate litter boxes and food and water areas, and many are large enough to accommodate multiple cats.  Our Cat Condos  are suitable for boarding cats, rabbits or ferrets, and some feature a window view! All of our Cat Condos feature separate litter box rooms attached to the Condo.




Many of our Cat Condos include a view outdoors, where your cat can view the sky and passers-by.


Our Kitty Condo room  features  a dedicated area for our both our 300 gallon saltwater aquarium, as well as our private Kitty Playroom! Your cat has never experienced this level of luxury!

Our private Kitty Playroom allows your kitties to stretch their legs and gaze through the windows outdoors or directly into our Kitty-Magnet fish tank.  See boarding and playroom options >>


Multiple Views From The Kitty Condos

All of the kitty condos facing the fish tank have a side window so your kitty can gaze all day long at the fish in our salt water aquarium and past that into the lobby with all of the comings and goings with other dogs and cats.

Our west  wall is one large window, and all cat condos along this wall have a back cage window to view our landscaping complete with bird baths and bird feeders so your kitty will not get bored with the view.