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Pet Boarding Services

Dog Suites/Kennel Boarding, Cat Boarding,
San Antonio Pet Boarding
– a Vacation for your Best Friend!


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Becker Animal Hospital and Pet Resort is now the first – and only – pet boarding service in San Antonio with its own in-ground swimming pool for the use of its regular dog boarding and Doggie Day Care canines.

Our spacious and glass-enclosed suites offer interaction with other dogs, with the privacy and security of your pet’s own space. Our skylights provide abundant natural light.

Dog Boarding Suites

Our kennels offer a bright and airy atmosphere with natural light through our glass block windows. Both indoor and indoor-outdoor kennels are available.


Our Kitty Condos are spacious, comfortable and in their own dedicated Kitty Room, with a fish tank view and a window wall of natural light.



With our pet boarding, you get brand-new, dog boarding and cat boarding facilities to provide your furry companion with a comfortable stay. We offer 53 luxury dog boarding suites, 24 of which have a window view to the outdoors. There are a further 72 kennels, 30 of which have a doggy door that accesses an outside pen for fresh air and change of view. We will follow any specialized or prescriptive diets that may be required, and we can administer any  medications necessary for your pet.  Boarding charges are calculated based on the number of nights stayed; for example, a pet staying two days and one night would be charged only for a single night.

Pet Boarding Price List

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Doggie Day Care Rates

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Add-on extras available

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All boarding dogs must be current on their yearly canine distemper and rabies vaccines and their 6 month bordetella, kennel cough, and canine influenza vaccines.
All boarding cats must be current on their yearly feline distemper and rabies vaccines. Prices may be subject to change.

  • A veterinarian is available 24 hours a day, every day, in the same building, for any attention your companion animal may need.
  • All boarding pets are fed Science Diet Sensitive Skin and Stomach food  and all guests have food and water in front of them 24 hours a day. We also can feed your pet your own personal diet; please set up your special feeding instructions at  the front desk while checking in.
  • All boarding dogs have access to our spacious exercise pens 2 to 3 times a day or to their own private outdoor pen multiple times per day – depending where they stay.

Dog Boarding Suitessan antonio dog boarding in a large and luxury kennel – Suites are from 49 to 64 sq feet in size and have front and side glass walls and solid tile back and sides. This allows your dog to socialize through the glass and also retire to a private bed area. Twenty four of the suites have windows to the outside. Suite guests get taken out for exercise 3 times a day. Video cams are operational in every suite to view your furry friend. Suite rooms all have skylights for natural light.

Dog KennelsSan Antonio Dog Kennels – Our indoor/outdoor kennels are 48 sq feet total size so your pet has plenty of room. They have a 24 sq foot inside area, and a 24 sq foot outdoor area. We also have indoor only kennels that are a full 24 sq feet of room for your pet. All kennels are inside our main building and are fully heated and cooled, and have a ceiling fan breeze, and  glass block windows for natural light.

Dog Boarding and Cat Boarding Cages – We offer economy cage boarding in our sanitary, stainless steel Shoreline and Suburban cages. All cages are  in designated cage rooms that are fully heated and cooled. Cage dogs are taken out twice a day for exercise and all guests have food and water in front of them 24 hours a day.

Cat CondosCat Condo for Cat Boarding – We have a dedicated Kitty Room, away from all dogs, that features a 300 gallon salt water fish tank and spacious Snyder Cat Condos, many of which offer a window view to the outside. These condos feature separate litter box and food and water areas and many are large enough to accommodate multiple cats.

Courtesy Call  – We know that value assurance that your pet arrived safely at our Pet Resort and is comfortably settled in. We will give you a courtesy call you within one day of your pet’s arrival to assure you that things are going well and we will repeat this every five days that your pet is here. Please feel free at that time to relay any additional instructions to us that you may have for your pet. Remember that Suite pets can be viewed by you 24 hours a day on our suite web cams.

“We boarded CC and Lilla last week, but when we picked them up we forgot to ask for the sleeping mat we left with the dogs. When we picked it up tonight, the staff had freshly laundered it before returning it to us. We want to send our compliments and thanks to the boarding staff for doing that extra service for us that they didn’t have to do. Thanks” – NB

For a tour of our boarding facilities, please feel free to drop by anytime or view the pictures on this website. Do you need your pet boarded as soon as possible? Contact Us today and we’ll get right on it!


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