Becker Animal Hospital | Mission Statement
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Mission Statement



Our Commitment: Any service, any time.


jonbuildingeditedbeditedBusiness Description: Becker Animal Hospital and Pet Resort is a full service, 24 hour Veterinary Hospital that offers a no-appointment, walk in any time service.  Our hospital features 8-9 veterinarians on-staff full time.  We offer a variety of services available at any time day or night, including routine wellness care and vaccinations, as well as emergency care, diagnostic blood work and X-rays, routine and emergency surgery, dental teeth cleaning  and all methods of medical treatment and hospitalization.

Our Pet Resort offers Luxury Suite boarding, Indoor-Outdoor Kennel boarding, Indoor Kennel boarding and Standard Cage boarding.  We feature a Doggie Day Care with a dedicated indoor room and a spacious outdoor space complete with the first and only in-ground swimming pool at  a San Antonio Pet Day Care and Boarding facility.

Other ancilliary services for your pet are available.

Mission Statement: To provide you and your pet with the highest quality pet care possible in an immediate, on demand environment. We want to do anything you need for your pet at anytime you may need or want it.

We will exam your pet, run any diagnostics necessary, perform any surgery needed whether it be an elective procedure like a spay or neuter, a life-threatening situation, or a quality of life issue. But we would like to do it when you want it done — at your convenience. Anything that we are able to do, we will do for you.

If you would like to leave your pet right now for a Spay or Neuter, a Dental Teeth Cleaning, a Lump Removal, Blood Tests, a Heartworm or Stomach Worm Test, a Bath and Flea Dip, an Advantage Flea Treatment, a Revolution Heartworm application, a Hair Cut, or even just a Nail Trim or Ear Cleaning, we will do it right now or admit your pet to the Hospital or Resort on the spot for what it may need.

If you need to board your pet, whether a Luxury Suite, Indoor / Outdoor Kennel, or Overnight Cage Boarding, just let us know. The same goes for Doggie Day Care or a swim in the pool. Just let the attendant in the room know or the front desk, and consider it done.

We want to be available to you the Pet Owner, for anything at anytime that may need to be done. Our Purpose and Business Model is to provide immediate and effective Veterinary Medicine and Surgery at any time, on demand.

It’s not always easy or convenient to get the pets to the Vet, and that’s why once they are here, please feel free to get anything and everything you need right now — no need to wait, the pet is here and we will do it.

We enjoy serving clients and their pets, and we want to make your visit with us an enjoyable and professional experience, just as we would want ourselves. If you are experiencing any difficulty in obtaining the service that you need or that our Mission Statement emphasizes, please let the front desk or the doctor know and we will handle it as soon as possible.

If anything is not resolved to your satisfaction, please email Dr. Becker or Mr. John Quiroz at:

If you have a compliment or a commendation for a Team Member, by all means please let us know! We always look to validate, reward, and recognize Staff Members who go above and beyond in the service of our customers and their pets.

Thank you again for choosing Becker Animal Hospital and Pet Resort, and we look forward to providing the best service possible for you and your pet.

Dr. Michael C. Becker and all the Staff