Becker Animal Hospital | Euthanasia
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Making the decision to euthanize your pet is never an easy one, and as pet owners and lovers ourselves, we understand that. But if the time comes around when your pet has to move on, Becker Animal Hospital is here for you and your pet, and will treat you both with kindness and respect.

Should you need us, we’re conveniently located at 6515 West IH10, San Antonio, TX 78201 just inside Loop 410 across from the TexSan Heart Hospital. We also do home services, allowing your beloved pet to pass in the comfort of its own home and be with family.


Euthanasia Procedure:


The euthanasia procedure is a very gentle, and comfortable procedure that allows your pet to rest with dignity. No pet should have to undergo excessive stress or pain. Putting your pet to sleep can ease their troubles and allow them to feel comfortable once again.

  • A consent form will be signed
  • The vet staff will administer a sedative to calm your pet and relieve any pain
  • Euthanasia will then be administered


Becker Animal Hospital can also offer memorial and cremation services for your dog or cat, returning them to you in a dignified, lovely cedar box or ceramic urn in addition to a cremation certificate printed on fine parchment. We have a wide selection of lovely and timeless urns available upon request.


Please call us at: 210-732-5148 for more information on euthanasia and pet cremations, or stop by at any time.