Becker Animal Hospital | Job Description – Concierge
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Job Description – Concierge

The concierge is to closely interact with clients and to provide miscellaneous support to the front desk team members, veterinarians, veterinary practice management team and other team members at Becker Animal Hospital. The concierge will operate under the direct supervision of the receptionist team leader and veterinary practice management team.


  • Warmly welcome clients and patients to the practice and provide for their comfort while they are in the practice.  This includes greeting clients, offering coffee/refreshments, showing them to reception area, etc. 
  • Monitor the length of time clients are waiting and appropriately handle situations where there is an extended wait. 
  • Promote the hospital to persons inquiring about the practice, its fees, products and/or services to clients, making suggestions when appropriate. Provide informed and guided hospital tours.
  • Educate clients regarding preventive medicine and vaccination requirements.  Inform clients what procedures need to be done to their pet to maintain good health. Obtain medical and vaccination histories from the client.  Recognize and note any procedures due for the patient. 
  • Distribute handout information, new client packs, hospital brochures, and “giveaways” such as hospital leashes, bandanas, and magnets to clients within the practice.
  • Courteously and professionally answer incoming telephone calls utilizing proper telephone etiquette. This would include using a three-part greeting, asking callers before placing them on hold, taking and routing messages etc.
  • Operate a multiple-line telephone system.  Besides answering incoming lines, this includes placing callers on hold, transferring calls, and paging other team members within the hospital.
  • Follow established hospital guidelines for communicating with clients in different types of situations such as general queries, scheduling appointments, routine and non-routine medical questions, patient emergencies, prescription refills, etc. 
  • Handle basic questions regarding hospital services, fees, and animal care and treatment in accordance with hospital policies.  Appropriately direct other questions and communication to a veterinarian, practice manager, or other team members.
  • Utilize effective listening skills to obtain all necessary medical and personal information from the client.  Discern any potential client problems, complaints, or questions and handle appropriately.
  • Communicate with clients regarding medical status of their pet, relay medical instructions, itemize and review the client statement, and inform clients about hospital policies such as pre-operative instructions, payment and credit policies, and vaccination policies. Make recalls to clients on a timely basis to schedule discharge appointments, re-appointments, and confirm appointments and pre-surgical instructions.
  • Use a computerized scheduling program to expedite out-patient, surgical, hospitalized patient, and boarding patients. 
  • Utilize the computer system to accurately enter and retrieve records and recalls and maintain the database.
  • Update client files and patient records as needed, ensuring that all information is accurate, purge inactive files as directed.
  • Prepare to receive patients by retrieving client records and preparing needed forms in advance of clients’ arrival.  Re-file medical records accurately and promptly.
  • Accurately and promptly relay all necessary information to the doctors and veterinary technicians.
  • Assure the reception area is a clean and friendly environment. Assist other team members to clean and straighten the public areas of the practice, including the front desk, reception area, and entrance into the pet resort.
  • Restock and arrange the retail and point of purchase display areas.
  • Maintain the refreshment area with fresh coffee and refreshments. 
  • Demonstrate initiative and teamwork in everyday duties, assisting other team members within the practice
  • Organize work area and exercise time management skills to maximize personal efficiency within the practice.  Prioritize tasks and handle multiple tasks in a calm, organized manner.
  •  Work well with all team members and ensure that your actions support the hospital, the doctors, and the practice philosophy. Assure that other concierges are alerted to any issues, concerns or opportunities to serve clients at the highest level.
  • Perform other duties as assigned


The management team provides continuing or individual assignments indicating generally what is to be done, limitations, quality and quantity expected, deadlines and priority of assignments. The management team provides additional, specific instructions for new, difficult or unusual assignments, including suggested work methods or advice on source materials available.

The concierge uses initiative in carrying out recurring assignments independently without specific instructions, but refers deviations, problems, and unfamiliar situations not covered by instructions to the management team for decision or help. The management team assures that finished work and methods used are accurate and in compliance with instructions or established procedures.


The qualified applicant will possess the following knowledge and skills:


  • Knowledge of general office practices and procedures, receptionist and telephone techniques.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Possess exceptional interpersonal communication skills.
  • Requires strong client service skills. Personal contacts are with pet owners affected by a variety of problems, visitors and other healthcare team members. Considerable tact and diplomacy is required.


  • Knowledge of veterinary medical terminology and procedures, and general computer knowledge.


The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the primary functions of this job.

  • Frequently position self and move about the practice to perform tasks such as assisting clients with their pet, getting drinks for waiting clients, computer entry, and assist clients with merchandise.
  • Frequently transports inventory to stock shelves. Frequently handling 30 pounds and occasionally handling over 50 pounds.
  • Often transports patients to weigh on scales.
  • Requires standing and walking constantly throughout the course of the shift.
  • Frequently required to communicate with clients, team members and associates. Must be able to exchange accurate information. 


While performing the duties of this job, the employee is exposed to hazards associated with aggressive patients; hazards associated with infected animals and controlled substances; exposure to unpleasant odors and noises; exposure to bites, scratches and animal wastes; possible exposure to contagious diseases.

Follow federal and state animal health laws and regulations including OSHA and DEA.