Becker Animal Hospital | IE Solutions for Pet Cam
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IE Solutions for Pet Cam

If you have Internet Explorer, and have followed the steps to launch and log in to the Pet Cams, but are only seeing black screens like the screenshot below,  it’s likely that you have one of the latest two IE releases,  Versions 10 or 11.  There is a security feature in IE that will need to be changed to allow the camera streams to be played in your browser:


Step 1: Click on “Tools”

Step 2: Click on “Compatibility View Settings”


Step 3:  Make sure the “Add this website:” line shows this number:

Step 4:  Click the “Add” button


Step 5: Make sure the address number has moved down to the “Websites you’ve added …” line

Step 6:  Click the “Close” button


You’ve now allowed your browser to see the streams through the player.  After you hit “Close,” your page should reload (do it manually if not), and you can then follow the login instructions, choosing “Main Stream” and “Login”.

Happy viewing!