Becker Animal Hospital | For your comfort and reading pleasure!
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For your comfort and reading pleasure!

Besides our free water and crackers available to our customers, Becker Animal Hospital also provides a number of sweet and salty snacks and books.   These items are sold at our cost, to provide you comfort and reading material at an economical rate.  Coca Cola products are are also available, at standard prices.


Golden-age classic books from NYT bestselling author

New York Times No. 1 bestselling author L. Ron Hubbard sold millions of books during his writing career, from his pulp fiction days to one of the stars of the Golden Age of Science Fiction.  We have assembled a sampler of his action, mystery, horror, Western and science fiction titles, including his acclaimed epic, “Battlefield Earth” and the latest “Writer’s of the Future,” a decades-running annual anthology of the best new writers in fantasy and sci-fi.

Becker Animal Hospital is making these books available at our cost price  to promote reading and literature in our San Antonio community.  The books can be reviewed at our lobby display.  To purchase, simply take one of the laminated book flyers – located behind each book –  to the front desk.

We hope that you enjoy these literary works as much as we have!

Snacks and drinks to slake thirst and hunger pangs

Your comfort while you wait for your pet’s care is a top priority for us.  In addition to our free crackers and water, we also provide a variety of candy, chips and other snacks at cost.  (Soft drinks are also available at regular vending prices.)


Ice Cream snacks for dogs and their humans! 


 Our new lobby cold vending machine now features Purina’s popular Frosty Paws frozen treats for dogs, available for you at our cost, for only 82 cents each!

 We haven’t forgotten the pets’ human families, though, and ice cream treats are also available for people, also at cost.