Becker Animal Hospital | Nail Trimming
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Nail Trimming

Becker Animal Hospital offers quality Nail Trimming services for your pet, as needed. We’ll trim your pet’s nails to a shorter length to reduce the potential of broken nails and scratching, which makes it much easier for your pet to walk.

With our excellent services, you’ll find it hard to believe that we charge such a great low price!

Nail Trims can cost $9-$15, depending on whether they are packaged with other services, such as with a bath and dip.  

Overgrown Nails

Here are some of the ways that overgrown nails can grow into the pet’s paw, can split, can be pulled off the bone, and can become infected.

Overgrown nails Overgrown & Ingrown Very Overgrown nails Split nail with infection
Nail pulled off bone Nail off bone Overgrown cat nail Broken overgrown nail