Becker Animal Hospital | Haircuts
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We offer general haircuts that leaves the hair about 1/8th of an inch long and is a great general hair cut for any pet that needs to be shaved down for the heat or to address matted, tangled hair.

The haircut service includes shaving the hair, bath and dip and a nail trim. We do offer a Cocker or Schnauzer-type haircut where the hair is cut on the top half of the body and around the face, and then trimmed around the feet.

Haircuts with a bath, dip and nail trim range from $75 on up.

If your pet has problems holding still at the groomers or is just a little aggressive, then with our veterinarians on staff, we are able to use an injectable sedative that allows us to perform the haircut service on almost any pet.

Haircuts: Did you know grooming your pet isn’t just about looks?

We can give your dog or cat a complete haircut, nail trim and bath and dip and your pet will feel great.

Grooming can have many additional health benefits to your pet beside the usual “beauty parlor” look and smell!

Any pet that goes outside can pick up fleas or ticks very quickly and these can be very uncomfortable. Even pets that stay inside can occasionally pick up fleas and matted hair can occur in any long haired dog or cat. We can bathe and flea dip your pet, provide tick medication and trim or haircut your pet to get him feeling great! Come in today!

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