Becker Animal Hospital | Ear Cleaning
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Ear Cleaning

Becker Animal Hospital offers quality Ear Cleaning services for your pet, as needed. A basic ear cleaning consists of getting the inside of your pet’s ears clean using cleaning solution and ear swabs.

We also offer Ear Flushing which is a more in depth cleaning process consisting of removal of hair in the ears and the use of an antibiotic solution and massaging of the ear to address ear infections, ear mites and ear allergies.

Here in South Texas allergies are very common in both pets and people and in pets allergies will often present as a red, inflamed and irritated ear that needs to be cleaned out and have an anti-biotic/yeast/cortisone medication applied.

Ear allergies and general skin allergies are a very common problem in Texas and if your pet is itching and scratching it’s ears or skin please contact us about an allergy exam and treatment.