Becker Animal Hospital | Bath and Flea Dip
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Bath and Flea Dip

Low Price Bath and Flea Dip Rate

for Dogs and Cats:

No Appointment Necessary, Just Walk In!


1-40 LBS. – $13.49

40 LBS. and OVER – $14.49

This price includes a bath, flea dip, dry and a brush out for your dog or cat.

Watch for our $10.99 Bath and Dip Special Offer!

Before the bath, protective oil is applied to both eyes.


Our bath and dip patient then is gently rinsed with warm water.


Soap is then applied, and scrubbed in with a soft brush.


A warm-water rinse removes the soap, dirt and loose hair.



Pets are then towel-dried before being placed in a warm-air dryer.
Your pet is nice and clean, and flea treatment is then applied if necessary!


Why Bathe and Dip?

A bath and flea dip provides a number of very beneficial actions for your dog and cat. The bath itself cleans the hair and skin of dirt, flea eggs and debris, dry skin and any type of excess skin oil. These things can cause skin irritation and matted hair which leads to skin infections and can aggravate skin allergies. Giving your bog or cat a nice soapy scrub down and flea dip will leave him feeling clean, free of debris and is nicer for you, the pet owner.

We even have special shampoos that you can use at home if your dog has been sprayed by a skunk as well as other medicated shampoos for dry skin, oily skin, infected skin and many other conditions.

About The Bath and Flea Dip

  • After eye protection is applied, a warm water rinse soaks the hair and prepares the dog for his bath.
  • The dog then gets fully soaped up from head to tail.
  • The dog is then hand scrubbed to work up a good lather from head to tail.
  • The dog is receives a final warm water rinse flea dip is applied and worked in. After that,the dog is towel dried and blow dried to remove dry to dog off.
  • We use Virbac Pyrethrin Dip which is a very safe and sweet smelling dip that we have used for many years with excellent results.

Ticks can be treated with a flea bath but as they are difficult to kill we recommend that in addition to a dipping, you can also use a Preventatic collar, Frontline Flea and Tick Topical or Advantix Flea and Tick Topical medication.