Becker Animal Hospital | Bath, Flea Dip and Grooming Overview
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Bath, Flea Dip and Grooming Overview

There’s a New Clean in Town:  Hydrosurge BathPro 5.1:

A new clean has arrived at VCA Becker Animal Hospital and Pet Resort – the BathPro 5.1 by HydroSurge. Powerful jets of water deliver shampoo and rinse efficiently through the fur, leaving your buddy huggably clean. And flea-killing agents protect your pets from the torment of parasites.

Bath & Flea Treatment pricing

New Prices, effective June 1, 2017:
1 – 40 lbs = $18.99
41 – over lbs = $19.99

1-40 LBS. – $13.49

40 LBS. and OVER – $14.49

Why Bathe and Dip?

A bath and flea dip provides a number of very beneficial actions for your dog and cat. The bath itself cleans the hair and skin of dirt, flea eggs and debris, dry skin and any type of excess skin oil. These things can cause skin irritation and matted hair which leads to skin infections and can aggravate skin allergies. Giving your dog or cat a nice soapy scrub down and flea dip will leave him feeling clean, free of debris and is nicer for you, the pet owner.

We even have special shampoos that you can use at home if your dog has been sprayed by a skunk as well as other medicated shampoos for dry skin, oily skin, infected skin and many other conditions.

About The Bath and Flea Dip

  • After eye protection is applied, a warm water rinse soaks the hair and prepares the dog for his bath.
  • The dog then gets fully soaped up from head to tail.
  • The dog is then hand scrubbed to work up a good lather from head to tail.
  • The dog is receives a final warm water rinse flea dip is applied and worked in. After that,the dog is towel dried and blow dried to remove dry to dog off.
  • We use Virbac Pyrethrin Dip which is a very safe and sweet smelling dip that we have used for many years with excellent results.

Ticks can be treated with a flea bath but as they are difficult to kill we recommend that in addition to a dipping, you can also use a Preventatic collar, Frontline Flea and Tick Topical or Advantix Flea and Tick Topical medication.

Want Your Pet Looking Clean, Neat and Feeling Great?

We offer grooming services for both dogs and cats at our clinic. Our highly trained staff can perform a variety of grooming services for your pet, including:

  • Bath and Flea Dip
  • Medicated Bath and Dip
  • Haircuts
  • Nail Trim
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Special Trimming for Matted Areas

Nail Trim:

Becker Animal Hospital offers quality Nail Trimming services for your pet, as needed. We’ll trim your pet’s nails to a shorter length to reduce the potential of broken nails and scratching, which makes it much easier for your pet to walk.

With our excellent services, you’ll find it hard to believe that we charge such a great low price!

A Bath and Dip costs $13.49 for a pet from 1-40 pounds, and $14.49 for 41-100 pounds. Nail Trims can be packaged with a bath and dip.

How Overgrown Nails Can Grow into the Pets Paw, Can Split, Can be Pulled off the Bone and Can Become Infected

Overgrown nails Overgrown & Ingrown Very Overgrown nails Split nail with infection
Nail pulled off bone Nail off bone Overgrown cat nail Broken overgrown nail




We offer general hair cuts that leaves the hair about 1/8th of an inch long and is a great general hair cut for any pet that needs to be shaved down for the heat or to address matted, tangled hair.

The haircut service includes shaving the hair, bath and dip and a nail trim. We do offer a Cocker or Schnauzer-type haircut where the hair is cut on the top half of the body and around the face, and then trimmed around the feet.

If your pet has problems holding still at the groomers or is just a little aggressive, then with our veterinarians on staff, we are able to use an injectable sedative that allows us to perform the haircut service on almost any pet.

Haircuts: Did you know Grooming your pet isn’t just about looks?

We can give your dog or cat a complete haircut, nail trim and bath and dip and your pet will feel great.

Grooming can have many additional health benefits to your pet beside the usual ‘beauty parlor’ look and smell!

Any pet that goes outside can pick up fleas or ticks very quickly and these can be very uncomfortable. Even pets that stay inside can occasionally pick up fleas and matted hair can occur in any long haired dog or cat. We can bathe and flea dip your pet, provide tick medication and trim or haircut your pet to get him feeling great! Come in today!

Sad and Matted


I am very happy!


Medicated Bath and Dip

There are many indications for medicated baths in animals. One of the most common reasons for using a medicated bath is to treat ‘itchy’ skin. Another common condition responsive to medicated baths is seborrhea. Medicated baths are recommended after your pet has been examined and the skin problem properly diagnosed by a veterinarian. Keep in mind that unusual things such as hypothyroidism can be the cause of a skin problem in your pet.

Hypothyroidism is a condition diagnosed with blood work indicating the animal has inadequate levels of thyroid hormone circulating in the blood.

Scratching from fleas and air-borne allergies can be uncomfortable for your pet and a medicated bath and dip can be very helpful.