Becker Animal Hospital | End of Life Services: Pet Cremation & Memorial Urns
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End of Life Services: Pet Cremation & Memorial Urns

End of Life Services

Becker Animal Hospital & Pet Resort offers on-site private cremation services for your beloved pet. We understand the feelings that follow the loss of a pet, and our goal is to make this process as pain-free as possible.

State-of-the-art crematory, we are able to provide a rapid on-site private pet cremation that can be returned to you in a lovely cedar box or a ceramic urn in addition to a cremation certificate printed on a dignified parchment paper.

Pet Euthanasia with Dignity: In the instance that your pet has reached that time when he or she has to move on, we are here for your and always available day or night to help you during this difficult moment. With our seven exam rooms and extensive treatment facilities we have the space, the room and the time for you to visit with your pet for as long as you need to be with them. We know this is a difficult decision and we want you to know that your beloved pet will be treated with kindness and dignity. We are also available to provide mobile vet services to perform home pet euthanasia, allowing your beloved pet to pass in the comfort of its home and family.

Private cremations include a choice of a cedar wooden box, or a black or white ceramic urn, as well as Scattering Tubes, if you would like to distribute a loved one’s ashes.  Specialized custom urns are available as pictured below.  All cremations, both private and communal, include elegantly printed cremation certificate on parchment paper.

Pet Cremation Urns


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{f120}PRIVATE CREMATIONS;;;{f120};nn;
Exotics – 0.01 grams – 907 grams;;;$28.00;nn;
2-25 lb. – all species;;;$99.00;nn;
25-50 lb – all species;;;$119.00;nn;
51-100 lb. – all species;;;$159.00;nn;
101- 125 lb. – all-species;;;$209.00;nn;
126-150 lb. – all species;;;$249.00;nn;
151-175 lb. – all species;;;$289.00;nn;
175.300 lb. – all species;;;$329.00;nn;



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{f120}COMMUNAL CREMATIONS;;;{f120};nn;
2-25 pounds – all species;;;$39.00;nn;
25-50 lb – all species,$49.00;;;$49.00;nn;
51-100 lb. – all species;;;$59.00;nn;
101- 125 lb. – all-species;;;$69.00;nn;
126-150 lb. – all species;;;$109.00;nn;
151-175 lb. – all species;;;$149.00;nn;
175.300 lb. – all species;;;$189.00;nn;




Memorial Urns

Currently Available Memorial Urns:


Click on Image for Full Picture

Our On-Site Cremation Facility

Pet Crematory and Cremation Unit installed on site at our san antonio vet clinic

This is the Mathews Cremation Unit used at Becker Animal Hospital & Pet Resort.

Our Crematory Unit is located directly out the back of our hospital in a stand-alone secured building and is operated by a certified technician.

Every effort is made to rapidly attend to your pet and to return them to you in a timely fashion.

Private cremations include your choice of a cedar box or a black or while urn (pictured below).


What Our Clients Say

“We want to thank you for the attention given us. We took our cat for cremation. She had been with us for 14 years and was a part of the family. We knew that she would be treated with respect in her final journey. We have always had great service with your veterinary service ( we have 4 pets). They have always been treated great. We appreciate you and will continue to use your hospital. Thanks again.”

Bring your Pet to Becker Animal Hospital for a Private On Site Cremation