Becker Animal Hospital | Staff Bios
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Staff Bios

Managers and Technicians

John Quiroz- General Manager: John has been with Becker Animal Hospital & Pet Resort since 1998. He is a graduate from Texas A&M University with a degree in Animal Science and has received specialized training in Business Administration at the Hubbard College.


Libby Quiroz – Assistant Director: Bio Coming Soon


dan-finalDan Gilbert – Customer Service Executive: Dan is a graduate of Texas A&M University and has worked in several retail fields as a manager and executive. Dan holds the post of our senior Customer Service Executive and Operations Manager. Dan joined our team in June 2014 and has done an excellent job at Becker Animal Hospital.




Sonia Goeth – Office Manager: Sonia has been with Becker Animal Hospital since 1997 and knows every aspect of vet care inside out. She will greet you and make sure you get top quality service for your visit to our veterinarian staff.



rickyRicky Gonzalez – Executive Operation Manager: Ricky values training and has been in sales for over 10 years. He has dedicated most of his time to teaching personal growth and self development courses. He believes in hard work and dedication, but training is the key to success.



kristinaKristina ChildressMedical Case Director: Kristina has over 13 years of experience as a Veterinarian Technical Assistant and she is constantly working to improve her knowledge of best vet procedures. She is the Senior Veterinary Tech during the day.




Senior Vet Technicians

Ray Garcia- Senior Veterinary Technician: Ray is a fully trained veterinary technician very in demand by our doctors for his in-surgery skills. with us since 1999, he is calm and competent and knows what’s need to make sure a critical patient pulls through.



sergioSergio Castellano – Senior Veterinary Technician: Sergio has been with Becker Animal Hospital & Pet Resort since 1997. He is one of two over-night shift manager and senior technician.



Veterinarian Technician Staff

  • Kathryn Cohall
  • Donna Dotson
  • Raul Esparza
  • Hector Garcia
  • Jorge Garcia
  • Anthony Crawford
  • Ryan Cerda
  • Rey Reyes
  • Angie Malacara
  • Michelle Prado
  • Crystal Ancira
  • Ricardo Sanchez

Front Desk Staff

  • Alyssa Martinez
  • Bethany Castillo
  • Rose Mejia
  • Cecilia Perez
  • Libby Quiroz
  • Salamon Villegas
  • Jennifer Sells
  • Rubylee Tenorio
  • Solomon Hernandez
  • John Prado

Exam Room Technicians

  • Rafael Rangel
  • Analyssa Garcia
  • Joe Diaz
  • Jeanine Mueller
  • Vennesa Solis
  • Isela Navarro
  • Joel Valdivia
  • Quintin Clemens
  • Sakira Harrison
  • Crystal Rosales
  • Andrew Alaniz
  • Greg Sells
  • Sara Ortiz
  • Krystle Shepard
  • Cindy Bustos
  • Brian Bloodworth



gabbyGabby Garcia – Executive Administrative Assistant




Mari Trevino – Administrative Assistant




Edgar Puente – Estates Manager




Pet Resort

Ronee’ Ross – Pet Resort Director: Trained and experienced in the Pet Boarding Industry for 17 years. Ronee’ was brought to Becker Animal Hospital and Pet Resort from Albuquerque, NM, in January 2012, to Direct, Train and Cultivate a standardized team of individuals to care for our four legged guests in the Pet Resort. Ronee’ also represents Becker Animal Hospital and Pet Resort as an educational speaker on Pet Care, Health, Diet , Diseases and Prevention on and off our facility grounds. Come on in for a personal tour or contact Ronee’ directly for appointment time for larger groups.


Leeza Avalos – Pet Resort Supervisor

Marissa Vigil – Pet Resort Supervisor

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