Becker Animal Hospital | About our Clinic
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About our Clinic

At Becker Animal Hospital and Pet Resort we offer a variety of medical and surgical services in the hospital, and boarding and general pet care service in the Pet Resort. We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no emergency fee nights or weekends, regular prices day and night.

No appointment is ever necessary, just come in when it is convenient for you, for any hospital service you may need. You can even drop off or pick up your pet at the pet resort at any time of day or night. We are conveniently located in a central location on the westbound access road of IH-10 just inside Loop 410, across from the TexSan Heart Hospital.


 Becker Animal Hospital and Pet Resort is a full service, 24-hour, 7-day-a-week Veterinary Hospital equipped to handle emergency care, and surgical and medical cases, as well as routine vaccinations,  general wellness care, pet resort boarding, doggie day care with an in-ground pool, and ancilliary services.

We have been in business in San Antonio since 1986. Our newly constructed state-of-the-art facility opened in December 2009 – and at 22,000 square feet, the facility is one of the largest in Texas. We are located at a very visible and convenient central location on the westbound lane of  IH-10, just inside Loop 410. We have easy-access parking and a covered entry drive for wet weather. We answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and a doctor is always on duty.  We have a spacious lobby and seven exam rooms, so you can be seen and your pet can be evaluated  as  quickly as possible.


We offer all wellness, emergency, surgical, medical and dental procedures, as well as prescription pet food, and internet prices on flea, tick and heartworm medicine.

Our hospital has the very latest in medical and diagnostic equipment, including:

  • A full suite of Idexx laboratory equipment including a chemistry analyzer, thyroid level analyzer, complete blood count Lasersyte unit, electrolyte analyzer, coagulation analyzer as well as tests for Parvo, Heartworms, Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis and Ehrlichia infections, Pancreatitus, Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDs and even a blood test for canine pregnancy.
  • Digital X-ray, for the whole body and dental, where the digital computer software allows us to view the same X-ray in a number of different perspectives.
  • Six Snyder Oxygen Cages,  heated cages and two treatment areas complete with everything we need to administer intravenous fluids and medications in a precise, timely and continuous manner through fluid pumps.
  • Two Intensive Care Treatment  Suites featuring oversized stainless steel cages and six spacious runs in the hospital for those larger patients who need to stretch out.
  • Two fully equipped surgical suites to handle routine and emergency surgical procedures.
  • A fully stocked in-house pharmacy.
  • A dedicated isolation room for infectious diseases.
  • Three separate bath and dip rooms to ensure that your pet is kept clean and neat.
  • Multiple exhaust fans and an automated water flushing system ensure that our spaces are kept clean and sanitary on a continuous basis.

We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with no appointment necessary and no emergency or late night fees at any time and this allows us to be available for you and your pet for any routine care you may need or any unexpected or emergency situation that arises.

Our Pet Resort is also open 24 / 7 and offers:

  • Luxury Suite boarding with internet webcams
  • Indoor-Outdoor Kennel boarding
  • Indoor Kennel Boarding
  • Standard Cage Boarding
  • Doggie Day Care and Playtime services, including the region’s first in-ground Doggie Swimming Pool
  • Low Cost Bath and Flea Dips all day every day


We have other ancillary pet services and also provide on-site cremation services for anyone’s dearly departed pet. We are conveniently and centrally located in San Antonio on the westbound access road of Interstate 10, just inside Loop 410, across from the TexSan Heart Hospital.

Our Retail Services Offer:

  • Low internet prices on flea, tick, and heartworm medications and we always have a wide selection of these products available in stock and on the shelf.   
  • A dedicated pet food room offering the product lines of Hills Science Diet, Purinea Prescription and Pro Plan Diets, and Royal Canine Diets including their Novel Protien Hypo-Allergenic Diets
  • An assortment of leashes, collars and harnesses and all shampoos and grooming products that you may need

“Our mission is to provide you and your pet with the highest quality pet care possible in an immediate, on demand environment. We want to do anything you need for your pet, at any time you may need or want it.”

It’s not always easy or convenient to get your pet to the vet – that’s why once they are here we want to be able to offer all needed services in one trip. If you have questions about any of our Veterinary Services, please feel free to Contact Us and let us know. Our mission is to assist you and your pet, at your comfort and convenience.