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Happy Pet Parent thanks BAH Staff

Happy Pet Parent thanks BAH Staff

Good morning,

My name is (MKM), and we bring our fur-babies to Becker for their medical needs. Most recently we brought our newest addition, Nikita, a rescued terrier mix who has been in our family for only 4 months, in to be seen because of chronic diarrhea. We met with Dr. Arrington and this was our first time working with him. He listened very carefully, took notes of what we described, and then explained clearly and with precision the options based on symptoms. He understood immediately our financial situation, in that we did not have unlimited funds for tests, so we worked our way from the most common to least common causes.

Upon reviewing the results of Kita’s blood work, Dr. Arrington spoke with us plainly about her situation and that she was in fact very sick. Kita ended up staying 5 days in your treatment area receiving IV and SQ medications and fluids. Her illness was a mystery to Dr. Arrington but he never gave up. He consulted with the doctor who had treated her while she was in foster care; he consulted with specialists; he consulted with the other doctors at your facility. Dr. Arrington stayed beyond his regular hours, staying in touch with me any time there was any news. He called me twice a day at times, and frankly he traveled the emotional rollercoaster with our family. When I wasn’t thinking clearly he took the time to spell things out for me in a way that my husband and I could work with him to make the most rational decision, both long-term financially and in the best interest for our Kita. He is the perfect example of professionalism, maintaining appropriate boundaries with his human patients, yet it was obvious that he was just as invested as us in Kita’s wellness. He never gave up. Though there were moments when we felt we would have to make the decision to let her go–her sickness was just too far gone–Dr. Arrington would present to us yet another idea to help her. He never let us lose hope.

Dr. Volosen also played an important role in Nikita’s care at Becker. In Dr. Arrington’s absence, Dr. Volosen stepped in seamlessly during a time when our family was stretched financially and emotionally thin, and asked for one more chance to treat our Kita. He and his technician provided emotional support for me, to be honest, when I practically broke down in the exam room with exhaustion, grief, and guarded hope. The staff at your hospital truly will not give up.

Jennifer at the front counter also needs to be recognized, because when we as parents step out to pay for our session at such an emotionally exhausted state, she has a tenderness about her that is comforting. She doesn’t say anything in particular, she just has a way about her that makes you feel like she genuinely cares. There was one day specifically when I was at the clinic until late at night and went back in the morning; she was there both times yet looked as fresh and energetic as if she hadn’t been working for 12 hours. To me, that speaks volumes. We need that fresh positive energy as we check out, paying a bill we probably can’t actually afford, for a fur-baby who is too sick to go home with us. It’s a blessing.

Nikita has been home for 8 days and is truly thriving. I believe with all my heart that Dr. Arrington, Dr. Volosen, and the unsung heroes who are your technicians and front staff saved her. She was dying, and now she is thriving. I do not know how to say “thank you”, but you need to know that my heart is full when I think of our experience.


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