Becker Animal Hospital | Client praises warmth and technical professionalism
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Client praises warmth and technical professionalism

Client praises warmth and technical professionalism

Dear Dr Brown,

I have only superlatives to describe the warmth and technical professionalism with which you conducted our session yesterday, in reference to (canine) Jackson’s terminal visit. Given the volume of such activity which must inevitably characterize the Becker firm, it requires some additional personal and technical insight to “share the moment” with the grieving “responsible party.”

Allow me to mention two particular insights, which helped me to feel that the correct decision was being made. First, you brought to my attention the fact that excessive “Panting” (which Jackson had manifested for months) may indeed be a manifestation of Pain, as opposed to merely catching her breath after a Walk. That was important, because bringing an end to her pain was a primary motivation for yesterday’s Becker visit.

The second was the discussion of the infirmities which are somewhat “breed-specific,” as this reaffirmed what I heard from others about the vulnerability of the Labradors to joint and leg problems.
In general, I believe that you created an atmosphere (even at 5AM!) where you and worked together to decide on a final course of action which was the best for all concerned. It’s a subtle, but critically important skill, in my opinion.

I hereby wish the best in your career!

Cordially, RN

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