Becker Animal Hospital | Put on the old Top Hat …
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Put on the old Top Hat …

Put on the old Top Hat …


Two-month-old Polish Top Hat chicken. (Photo/Jon Donley)

Whether you’re a backyard chicken parent or a rural homesteader,  poultry can provide eggs, entertainment and even companionship.  For eggs, my favorites are Production Reds, Americaunas and Buff Orpingtons.  And the Buffs especially are gentle and friendly and very good mothers.

But for entertainment, we suggest taking a look at some of the unique breeds.  This Polish Top-Hat chicken, for example, shows off the wild thatch of feathers that marks the breed. This little guy is about two months old. Top Hats are one of a group of breeds that have interesting feathers, including  curled feathers and feathered legs. The Silkie breeds (with feathered legs) are great brooders and mothers, and will “adopt” other chicks and even ducklings.

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