Becker Animal Hospital | 5 Tips on How to Keep Your Pet Warm and Happy During a Texas Winter
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5 Tips on How to Keep Your Pet Warm and Happy During a Texas Winter


5 Tips on How to Keep Your Pet Warm and Happy During a Texas Winter


Oh the weather outside is frightful…

Well, okay, the weather could be much worse. But while we may not have the epic blizzards that they see up north, a change in the weather can still have a big impact on our lives – and those of your pets.

Lower temperatures and moisture can come as a surprise, requiring a change in routine from the clothes you wear, what you eat, how you drive, and even how you sleep at night. The same goes for your pet, and they depend on you to care for them! That’s why we’ve assembled the following list of pet care tips to help you ensure that your pet is as safe, warm, and healthy as you are during this Texas winter:

Take your pet in for a check-up

The best kind of medicine, for pet and for human, is preventative. By taking your pet in for a full examination, you are ensuring that they don’t have any medical problems or needs that may get worse from the colder weather.

Provide plenty of fresh food and water


This is always a given, but during times of extreme temperature (hot or cold) your pet will need to intake more food and water. This is because their bodies have to work more to maintain temperature and other necessary functions. In times of cold, be sure to switch to plastic food containers if food and water bowls are left outside. (Tongues can stick and freeze to metal in cold weather)

Keep your Pets Inside, when possible

Your pet may like playing outside, but as the temperature drops their bodies must work overtime to maintain body heat, and their fur is not always enough insulation. If they have to go outside, watch over them and be sure that they are not left out for long periods of time. The best way to remember is: if you’re cold, they’re probably just as cold if not colder.

Maintain a nice, dry, warm shelter if your pet stays outside

It is safer to keep your pet indoors, but if they must stay outside for a period of time be sure that they have a dry, warm shelter available to them. It must be large enough for your pet to be able to lie down in, but small enough to retain heat. It is advisable to keep the shelter a few inches off of the ground to make sure that moisture does not get inside. But really, keep your pets inside!

Going out of town for the holidays? Don’t leave them outside, alone. Pet boarding is an affordable, and viable option to keeping your pet warm, healthy, and happy!

Keep paws and legs off of ice-melting salt

Ice-melting salt and chemicals are toxic to pets and other animals. It is highly recommended that you wipe off your pet’s paws and legs with a damp towel after coming in from the outdoors.

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