Becker Animal Hospital | Unusual Animal of the Week: The Cassowary
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Unusual Animal of the Week: The Cassowary


Unusual Animal of the Week: The Cassowary


This week’s ‘Bizarre Animal of the Week’ is the Cassowary, a flightless bird typically found deep within the forests of northeastern Australia – that is, if you can find one. These birds are very reclusive and difficult to observe, and you might not want to see one, as they are very capable of defending themselves if provoked.

The Cassowary is often likened to emus and ostriches (who are also flightless) thanks to their long necks, and large chicken-like feet. But the creature that most like to claim the Cassowary resembles is the velociraptor.

Yes, you read that right. The velociraptor. We can thank ‘Jurassic Park’ for that.

While the Cassowary mainly feeds on fruit, they are omnivores. That means that they do in fact, eat meat. But does that mean that they are likely to hunt us humans down in packs like the velociraptors they are likened to?

No, not really. Cassowaries are likened to velociraptors because of the deep guttural sounds they make, the way they walk, and the way they move their heads while they observe the world around them. They are also known to be able to run at incredible speeds through the forest, sometimes hitting 30mph. But they don’t go out of their way to harm humans.

But still, crazy right? Check out a video and some resources about the Cassowary below to learn more!

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