Becker Animal Hospital | Is Your Pet Getting Enough Playtime and Exercise?
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Is Your Pet Getting Enough Playtime and Exercise?


Is Your Pet Getting Enough Playtime and Exercise?


The Secret to Encouraging Fitness – and Fun

It is a brand new year, and for many people that means making resolutions for a whole new ‘you.’ Diet, exercise, and life philosophies are renewed, but what about your pets?

Becker Animal Hospital & Pet Resort wants to help you successfully follow your health and fitness New Year’s resolutions by encouraging pet fitness and playtime, so your entire family can live better!

Many people find it difficult to continue to follow an exercise regimen a day, week, or month after making a resolution to try to be more healthy. And it is easy to see why – when we get into the habit of being inactive it can be tough to break out, because we are so used to it. We initially become tired more easily, and can often times be grumpy because of it. But this is natural. It is a part of your body’s transition to healthiness.

What we have to do is trick or inspire ourselves to keep going. And one of the best ways of doing this is including your pet in your daily exercise regimen.

dog-swimmingHelp yourself and your pet by including them in your daily exercise regimen

By planning to include your pet in your daily exercise regimen, you are not only helping to enhance your pet’s energy levels, but helping yourself follow through with your scheduled exercise. (If you are worried about your dog’s weight, we do pet examinations to ensure their health)

As your pet gets used to a set time to go out, they will tend to try to get your attention by nudging, barking, and simply demanding attention– forcing you to follow through with your exercise schedule. After all, we don’t want to disappoint our pets, do we?

But how do you get started with planning your daily exercise regimen?

Create an initial exercise plan that is built around your pet’s needs

One of the best ways to build good exercise habits is to start small, as overdoing it can be bad for you, both physically and mentally.

  1. Your dog needs to be walked a few times a day
    You know that your dog needs to be walked so that she can take care of her business, so why not build your routine into it? You could set a particular walking path and vary your speed over time, expanding your route as you and your dog become more accustomed to the exercise.

    If you have a cat, you could try to do the same thing, using a cat harness. It may seem outrageous, but it can be done, depending on the cat.

  2. Play fetch or ‘chase’
    Dogs love to play fetch, so why not mix tossing the ball with her chasing the ball as you run?

    If you have a cat, you can use a ribbon toy to play in close proximity before pulling away for the chase.

  3. Race to fetch
    This variant has you tossing the ball and then racing your dog to it. After doing this for a while, both you and your dog will be smiling and exhausted!
  4. Swimming laps with your dog
    If you have a pool, or access to a pool that allows pets, swimming laps in the shallow end for a short time while holding onto a favorite ball or toy can help get you both excited to exercise.

    Never leave a dog or pet unattended near a pool. There should always be somebody watching.

Have other ideas for getting yourself and your pets to exercise?

Sound off in the comments below or on Facebook!

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