Becker Animal Hospital | Bizarre Animal of the Week: Grumpy Cat
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Bizarre Animal of the Week: Grumpy Cat

Bizarre Animal of the Week: Grumpy Cat

Our bizarre animal of the week this week is the now internet-famous Grumpy Cat (a.k.a ‘Tardar’). This lovable cat, known for its naturally disgruntled looking facial expression, is actually a variant of the Snowshoe-Siamese cat. And no, they don’t typically look as grumpy!

The Snowshoe-Siamese originated in the United States back in the 1960’s, and were differentiated from other Siamese cats by their snowy white feet. They are very rare, as it can be quite difficult to breed the correct coat markings to match that of the original Snowshoe cats.

These cats are known to be very kind and calm, enjoying the company of humans. And while Grumpy cat may not be 100% Snowshoe-Siamese, according to his owners, Grumpy cat Tard is actually not that grumpy!  He is said to be loveable, sweet, and quite affectionate. How about that!

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve uploaded just a few of our favorite Grumpy Cat Tard photos, as well as some great articles so you can learn more about this rare cat breed.


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