Becker Animal Hospital | What Everybody Ought to Know About Choosing a Pet
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What Everybody Ought to Know About Choosing a Pet

What Everybody Ought to Know About Choosing a Pet

Helpful tips for making sure that your new pet fits into your family

Choosing a pet can be a very exciting – and intimidating – time for any family, large or small. You want to find that one special little guy that fits the picture of an ideal pet in your mind. They should be fun, energetic, cute, fluffy, small, large, loud, quiet…there are just so many options! And it isn’t just yourself that you have to appease. Your whole family has to love ’em!

But choosing a pet isn’t just about finding the cutest one. It is about finding the right personality. Finding the right match so that they can fit into your home and lifestyle just as easily as fitting into your hearts. And while this can be a very stressful determination to make, the results can be very rewarding and long-lasting.

At Becker Animal Hospital & Pet Resort, your local San Antonio veterinary and pet boarding facility, we aim to help you make the right choices so that you and your pets can live long, healthy lives. This post is just one of many great articles we provide in our Pet Adoption Knowledgebase so that you can make a well-informed decision.

The Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Out and Choosing a Pet

Before heading out to your local pet shop or pet adoption shelter, your local San Antonio veterinary team at Becker Animal Hospital & Pet Resort recommends sitting down with your family to answer the following questions:

1.) What kind of pet do I want?

It is incredibly important to have realistic expectations when it comes to choosing a pet. Certain types of animals require more care and caution than others, and it is important to sit down and think about the possibilities.

For example, dogs require a lot of exercise and training, whereas cats need to have particular behaviors pointed in the right direction (scratching, feeding, and hunting redirected at toys). Male dogs may be more aggressive than female ones. Etc., etc.

2.) Can I afford to have a pet?

One of the top reasons pet owners are forced to give up a pet is due to an inability to pay for essential healthcare, food, and equipment.

Our San Antonio veterinary team recommends doing some online research on the various costs associated with owning a pet, such as: pet food cost, pet health examination costs, medication costs, and pet boarding costs.

3.) How will that pet fit into where I live?

This is an essential question to ask yourself, because it not only affects you and your family, but how happy your pet can be.

After all, if you are legally not allowed to have a pet in your home, that makes it tough to go and walk a dog – a necessity for their happiness and health. In addition, you don’t want to have a large pet have to stay indoors in a small space. It isn’t fair to them, and it isn’t fair to you and your family.

4.) Who will primarily take care of the pet’s needs?

Every pet needs to be fed and taken care of, so it is important to come up with a schedule that can be followed so that the essentials are handled.

Dog needs a walk? Who will do that? Need to clean the litter box? Who will do that? The pet needs to go to the local San Antonio veterinary facility? Who can bring them in?

5.) Where should I get my pet?

This is a big one. There are a lot of options out there for locations to choose a pet, so it is good to find one that you can feel comfortable with.

A lot of local pet shelters offer pet adoptions at low rates, because these are the pets that need the most love and care. However, while most of these pet shelters also provide you with the necessary shots and vaccinations, it is important to check with them and get the appropriate documentation.

You can also choose to go to a breeder for a more specific choices of pet, although they are likely to be more expensive up front. Another choice is to go to your local pet shop, which will typically work with neighborhood pet shelters to get homeless pets adopted.

It’s a big decision, but we are confident that you will make the right one for you and your future potential pet. If you have any questions about pet healthcare, our San Antonio veterinary and pet boarding facility, or anything regarding pet care, please do not hesitate to contact us online or stop by our facility.

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