Becker Animal Hospital | Top 5 Movie Pet Halloween Costumes
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Top 5 Movie Pet Halloween Costumes

Top 5 Movie Pet Halloween Costumes

At Becker Animal Hospital & Pet Resort, your local San Antonio vet and pet boarding resort, your pet is always a star!

That is why this Halloween BAH will be hosting it’s first annual “Doggy Day Scare” Halloween costume contest. From 8:00am until 12:00pm, pet owners can board their costumed dog in for photos and safe treats, while earning a chance to win a FREE day of Doggy Day Care.

In an effort to help ensure the safety of your dogs and a variety of costumes, we’ve assembled a series of lists showcasing some great pet-friendly costumes that are available at local and online retailers, as well as the Ultimate Guide for Keeping Your Pet Safe this Halloween. We hope to see you and your pets this Halloween!

5. Underdog

This one is a bit of a classic, and it is pretty darned adorable. The costume comes with a bright red “U” shirt and blue cape, and before you know it your dog will be yelling: “Never fear, Underdog is here!”



4. “The Bark Knight”

Someone has to defend the citizens of Woofam City, so why not your dog? This elaborate little costume consists of a dog-shirt with printed on armor plates and paw “gauntlets” as well as a heroic black cape.



3. Dorothy – The Wizard of Oz

With this cute pigtail hat, and blue and white checkered dress complete with picnic basket, your pet may go off in search of the Wizard on your next walk!




2. Shrek

That’s no ogre! This adorable costume comes complete with a pair of ogre ears, a detailed tunic with green hands, and two ogre sized booties for your dog’s paws. Before you know it, you’ll both be off to save Princess Fiona from Farquaad’s castle!



1. The Joker

“Do you want to know how I got these bones?” Pair this elaborately detailed costume with “The Bark Knight” for a truly great costumed duo. This costume comes with a “Joker” hair top, and a green shirt complete with purple suit, and is sure to be the hit of any Halloween pet get together!




Have any more movie pet Halloween costume ideas?

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