Becker Animal Hospital | The Ultimate Guide for Keeping Your Pet Safe this Halloween
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The Ultimate Guide for Keeping Your Pet Safe this Halloween

The Ultimate Guide for Keeping Your Pet Safe this Halloween

Halloween can be a howl of a good time for you and me – but it can be a terrifying and dangerous time for pets if you don’t take the right precautions. 

With so many strangers out and about, scary costumes that hide faces, the constant opening and closing of front doors, and plenty of toxic candy out in the open, it can be difficult to ensure that your pet is safe on Halloween. That’s why we at the San Antonio Becker Animal Hospital & Pet Resort have assembled the Ultimate Guide for Keeping Your Pet Safe this Halloween, so you and your pet can safely and comfortably enjoy the holiday.

Keep your pet away from sugary Halloween treats

While it can be tempting to share some of your new found Halloween loot, chocolates and candies are toxic to animals. Their digestive systems are not made for safely digesting these treats, and ingesting even a small amount can be harmful and even fatal.

(Owners: If your pet has ingested chocolate or candy and is not feeling well, please call us at: 210-732-5148 or stop by our 24/7 San Antonio emergency vet clinic)

If you would like to give your furry friend a Halloween treat, we suggest a specially formulated concoction  in small amounts. Your trick-or-treat candy bowls and treat bags should be kept in a secure location, such as a cabinet or a high place so that curious snouts and paws don’t get at them!

Mind the spooky scenery!

Pets are quite anxious creatures, and may be easily startled by spooky decorations, costumes, and large groups of strangers.

We suggest:

  • Keeping your pets inside, and away from the front door or any large gathering of costumed individuals (such as a Halloween party). Make sure that they have plenty of food, water, and a place to use as a bathroom
    (Owners: If you would like to board your pet this Halloween, please call us at: 210-732-5148 or stop by our San Antonio pet boarding resort as soon as possible, as holidays tend to be busy!)
  • Minimal exposure to costumes – your pet may become anxious or startled by masks covering faces (they see them as a threat), and often times costumes have small parts that can easily become ingested.
  • Using minimal decorations around the inside and outside of your house – often times they can be choking hazards for your pets and other local critters. If you are looking to decorate, try to find pet safe decorations and keep them away from areas your pet is likely to be able to reach.

Dress up pets in a pet friendly pet costume

Each year there are more and more pet-friendly costumes made available so that your furry friends can safely enjoy Halloween with you.

If you are going to dress up your pets, we suggest:

  • Ensuring that the costume fits well – it cannot be too tight or too loose. If it is too tight, they will have trouble moving, eating, and breathing. If it is too loose, they could also have trouble moving and may get caught on objects or accidentally choke themselves.
  • Acclimate your pet to the costume – Don’t force a costume on a pet at the last minute, or they will panic and feel uncomfortable. Take the time to let them get used to it in small doses over a period of a few days.


If you have any questions or concerns about celebrating Halloween with your pets, please do not hesitate to call us at: 210-732-5148.

We here at the Becker Animal Hospital & Pet Resort wish you a Happy Halloween, and we hope to see you at our 1st Annual Doggy Day Care Halloween Costume Contest on Wednesday, October 31st 2012 from 8am-12pm! Happy Howl-oween!

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