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Help Save Your Pet’s Bite and Smile

Help Save Your Pet’s Bite and Smile

A smile can say a lot about a person. It can say “I’m happy,” “I’m excited,” “I’m healthy,” and many other things. It can help set the standard for personal perception, and whether or not they can eat/drink certain foods.

But what does a healthy smile say about your pet? It says: “I’m happy,” “I’m excited,” and “I’m healthy.” It says they are loved.

San Antonio pet dental professionals

80% of dogs and 70% of cats end up with oral disease by the age of three, making it one of the most frequently diagnosed pet health problem, according to the American Veterinary Dental Society. But it can be very difficult for a pet owner to provide dental cleanings.

At Becker Animal Hospital & Pet Resort we aim to do whatever it takes to keep your pet happy and healthy. We now offer low-cost San Antonio pet dental care, so we can help prevent oral disease and damage, and help repair any damage that may already exist.

What our Dental Teeth Cleanings consist of:

Our friendly staff will scale your pet’s teeth and along the gum line to eradicate any buildup of tartar which can harden to cause cavities and eventually lead to oral disease if left untreated. They will also fully polish their teeth, leaving them nice, clean, and fresh!

Worried about your pet’s comfort?

We give them general anesthesia so that they don’t feel any pain or discomfort when we clean their teeth!

Want to learn more about our San Antonio pet dental care, or are ready to come on in?

Contact us today at: 210-732-5148. We are open 24/7 with absolutely no appointments necessary.

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