Becker Animal Hospital | 3 Great Celebrity Pet Costumes for Halloween
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3 Great Celebrity Pet Costumes for Halloween

3 Great Celebrity Pet Costumes for Halloween

It’s time for your pet to walk the red carpet at this year’s first annual Becker Animal Hospital & Pet Resort Doggy Daycare Halloween Costume Contest! And what better way for your pet to meet the puppy-razzi than with these three great celebrity pet costumes?



Pity the Bulldog

This hilarious costume enables your pitbull (or any other type of dog, really) become the puppy version of Mr. T, complete with mohawk, muscle jacket, and T gold chain.



The King

“You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog!” With this elaborately detailed Elvis suit and cape, your dog will have no trouble bringing the King back. You friends and family will thank you… thank you very much for this great laugh!



Thriller Costume

Only for the coolest of the cool pooches, this 80’s style pop star costume will help your dog become the doggy version of Michael Jackson. It comes with sunglasses, red jacket, and a curly wig. You can be sure that this one will certainly be a “crowd thriller!”



Interested in participating in the Doggy Daycare Halloween Costume Contest?

Becker Animal Hospital & Pet Resort’s 1st Annual Doggy Day Care Halloween Costume Contest will be taking place on Wednesday, October 31st 2012 from 8am-12pm. Simply dress up your dog in costume (for safety, we recommend reading our Ultimate Guide for Keeping Your Pet Safe this Halloween first) and board your dog in doggy day care! Regular pricing still applies for participation.

Your dog will be able to participate in pictures, earn treat bags, and compete for a certificate for a FREE day of doggy daycare!


Have any more pet Halloween costume ideas?

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