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The Sea Pig: Bizarre Animal of the Week

The Sea Pig: Bizarre Animal of the Week

Upon first glance, scotoplanes – commonly referred to as a “sea pig” – looks like something out of a B-movie. It is pinkish, blobby, and has what look like tentacles. But what exactly is it, and do we have to fear an attack on our cities by these creatures?

The sea pig lives on the bottom of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian ocean and is actually from a greater family of sea cucumbers. They move primarily using their tentacles, pushing their bodies forward along the ocean floor as they scavenge for food dropped from higher sea levels.

From what is known, they tend to prefer eating whale carcasses, but are not high on the food chain. Many other deep sea creatures target the sea pig as food, and sea pigs are known to play host to various parasites and small crustaceans.

If you are interested in learning more about scotoplanes (sea pigs), check out the links below:

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