Becker Animal Hospital | Five Hot Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool
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Five Hot Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool

Five Hot Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool

It’s summertime, and with all the tasty barbeques and fun outdoor activities comes a threat to you and your pets’ well-being—prolonged exposure to the heat!

Pets have just as much trouble keeping cool in the summer heat as we do, and are privy to dehydration, overheating, and sunburn. It is essential that you take the appropriate steps to make sure that you and your pet stay cool, hydrated, and comfortable, so you can both enjoy all the summer fun.

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1.) Always have plenty of fresh cool water on hand

When it is hot we tend to sweat, which helps to keep our bodies cool. In order to maintain our bodies ability to sweat and perform normal functions we need to constantly re-hydrate. The same goes for our pets.

Dogs sweat through the bottom of their paws and through their noses. When they begin to pant with their tongues hanging out, it is a sign that they are overheated and need to hydrate and rest.

Providing your dog or cat with fresh, cold water is one simple step to preventing heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and discomfort.

2.) Provide your pet with shaded and well-ventilated shelter

If your pet tends to stay outdoors for most of the day, it is recommended that you provide them not only with fresh, cool water, but also a shaded and well-ventilated shelter that they can retreat to if they get too hot.

An insulated, but well-ventilated dog house or canopy placed in the shade can provide your pet with a safer place to rest on a sunny day, but if possible it is best to let them into your home. Since your pet is less able as you or I are to keep themselves cool, the longer they are in the cooler indoors, the better.

Becker Pet Resort offers air-conditioned indoor doggy daycare as well as indoor dog boarding if you would like to have us watch over your pet on a particularly hot day.

3.) Don’t let your pet walk on heated pavement or sidewalk for extended periods

The pavement and sidewalk can heat up to incredible temperatures under the summer sun, causing pain and discomfort for your pet’s paws. The trick to making sure they can be comfortable is to place your hand on the ground – if it is too hot for your hand, it is too hot for your pet. Avoiding exposing your pet’s paws to the heat can help to avoid blistering.

4.) Do NOT leave your pets alone in the car

It is NEVER recommended that you leave your pet alone in the car. Even with a window propped open, the temperature inside of your car can reach unbearable levels.

5.) Provide a kiddie pool under supervision

Placing a small inflatable kiddie pool with a negligible amount of cold water in the backyard, or turning on a lawn sprinkler can be a refreshing treat for your pet with the right supervision.

However: NEVER leave your pet alone near a pool. Accidental drownings happen every year, and it is best to avoid that at all costs.


At Becker Animal Hospital & Pet Resort, your pets’ well-being is our number one concern. If you have any questions about summer care, pet vaccinations, pet grooming, pet boarding, or any other pet-related topic, please give us a call at: 210-732-5148.

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