Becker Animal Hospital | Becker Animal Hospital visited by Job Adventures Students
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Becker Animal Hospital visited by Job Adventures Students

Becker Animal Hospital visited by Job Adventures Students

Your local San Antonio veterinarians and staff at Becker Animal Hospital were recently visited by a group of recent graduates from Job Adventures, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping youth and young adults with disabilities find meaningful and gainful employment.

On the tour students were shown that working at an emergency vet and pet boarding facility is much different from that of other working environments, because the inventory was live and needed to be cared for like they were part of their own family.

Students on the tour were shown the differences between working at an emergency vet and boarding facility in comparison to other working environments. The most notable distinction was that the ‘inventory’ was live and needed to be cared for like a member of the worker’s own family.

According to Ronee Ross, director of the Pet Resort and tour guide for the students, the group was very enthusiastic about the idea of working with a variety of pets, and “the visit seemed really special to them.”

As they explored the facility the Job Adventures students interacted with the various staff members, including the Kennel Technicians, who showed how important it is to keep pets in a clean and therefore safe environment at all times so that they remain healthy.

Ross stated that the students were “quite impressed that the dogs could all play together” in the doggy daycare center. She then explained to them that: “the reason doggy daycare works is due to the fact that all the dogs are spayed or neutered, and are especially accepted because they are social with other pets and people, are not possessive of their toys, and that they felt no need to be protective of their space.” The students were amazed and thought the idea of so many dogs playing together was a great—but wild—concept.

The entire BAH team was very happy to give a glimpse of what goes on in the facility on a daily basis, and positively contribute to the students’ experience. Lots of introductions were made, questions answered, and hugs exchanged but one thing is for certain: everyone had a great time.

Congratulations to the Job Adventures students on your recent graduation!

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