Becker Animal Hospital | ‘Kind and Gentle Staff’
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‘Kind and Gentle Staff’

‘Kind and Gentle Staff’

I brought my boyfriends dog in Saturday morning at approximately 3am.  He's currently deployed in the middle east and I'm watching his dog, Colonel, during his absence.  I'm not accustomed to having a dog and, in hindsight, I was probably overreacting, but your staff was amazing!  I'm sorry I can't recall their names, but everyone from the woman working the front desk, to the techs, to the doctor herself were awesome!  They were professional, courteous, and reassuring to this jumpy "new" pet owner.  The techs were kind and gentle with Colonel, and to me as well!  The doctor was very calm and knowledgable and that alone was very reassuring to me.  She was thorough in her exam and questions and very clear in explaining her recommended course of treatment.  Although Colonel is an established "patient" at another veterinary clinic, I will not hesitate to see you guys again should any additional after hours needs arise and I will highly recommend your facility to anyone else.  I also advised my boyfriend mom (who is an office manager at the vet where he is normally seen) to recommend your hospital to their clients in the event of an emergency.  I found your facility itself to be beautiful and very clean and well organized, and your prices were very reasonable (especially for 3am visitors!).  The vet explained all the tests they *could* run but then also advised me what she would wait on to avoid any superfluous expenses on my part.  That in itself really showed that the commitment is to patient care, not profit.  I myself have worked in "human" healthcare for 7 years and appreciate a great experience in any related industry, especially during a time of crisis.  

Please Dr. Becker, share this with your staff and let them know that night, for at least one person and animal, they made a huge POSITIVE impact.  Too often healthcare in any arena can be a "thankless" job, but you and your staff definitely deserve thanks.  Keep up the great work and keep employing compassionate, knowledgable and honest people, and I know your business will continue to flourish.  

M.M. and Colonel

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